Procab is unique. There is no other product like Procab on the market today. Other products on the market only transports the crane operator from the ground to the cabin at the top of the crane, even if the actual construction site is down on the ground.

Ideal position. Since the crane operator decides himself which height he wants to position the cabin he can execute the loading in a very effective, safe and ergonomic way.

Increased productivity. As the crane operator can start working straight away without having to climb or take a hoist up the crane, you save a lot of time which otherwise would go to waste. Just consider the time wasted on every break during a workday. Add that the crane operator can perform unloading in a much smarter way, which also saves time.

Improved cabin environment. Injuries on neck and shoulders is avoided since the crane operator always is positioned at the right height. This leads to fewer sick days and less disability pensions.

Increased safety. If the crane operator gets sick and needs to be evacuated, the crew on the ground simply use the emergency control to bring the Procab to the ground and the operator can be carried out. Also, due to the fact that the operator is closer to the unloading, the increased visibility gives a safer working environment for the crew on site.

Easy and quick mounting/dismounting. Procab is very easy and quick to mount/dismount. It fits all the larger tower crane brands. In most cases the existing cabin on the tower crane can be fitted on the Procab so no new cabin has to be purchased.