Leif Loftmyr is the founder and co-owner of Procab Elevation and has over 30 years experience of the tower crane industry.

The story of Procab begins back in the late 1980´s when Leif climbed a tower crane to better understand what his business was all about. He spent some time with the crane operator in his cabin way up in the air and soon realized that the environment for the crane operator was not very good.

Leif got an idea and set off to the drawing board and came up with an adjustable cabin. One for which he won the Swedish Environmental Health Award back in 1989. The market however, was not yet ready for his product. Now the market has changed and the authorities has come aware of the problems for crane operators. Starting with France, the government has issued a draft (R.459) which strongly recommends construction sites to apply some form of transport for the crane operator and service/maintenance engineers.

Amongst other things the draft focuses on three points, Access, Visibility and Safety. Three points which Procab easily manages to provide. Along side this Procab also increases the productivity of the crane by positioning the crane operator at the best possible height for each lift.
The draft for France is the base for a new law which will be instated on January 1st 2017.